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A Selection of Video Productions Showcasing Neil and His Experience During His Time As An Undercover Drugs Enforcement Officer

Below Are A Selection Of Some Of Neil Woods Most Recent Podcast Appearances.



Below Are A Selection Of Some Of Our Favourite Articles Written By Neil Woods

  • Undercover officers need protection from Greenpeace? You’re joking

    I’m increasingly disturbed by the “spycops” public inquiry into the undercover policing of political protest groups, which is having yet another hearing on Wednesday to decide whether or not individual officers should be identified.

  • Drugs: a phoney war

    "All I ask is that you keep fighting the good fight"....

  • Skewed approach: Our drugs policy is undermining Peel’s principles of policing

    Police tactics may disrupt drug supplies, but they cause more crime and even contribute to the use of children as a go-between in county lines, undermining Peel’s principles, says former Detective Sergeant and Chair of LEAP UK Neil Woods who argues it’s time for drugs laws to be reformed.

  • Drug overdoses: “Naloxone is just another tool to help police do what they do.”

    Four years ago, US State Troopers in Connecticut were trained and licensed to carry Naloxone Hydrochloride which can reverse opoid overdoses. The move is thought to have saved 268 lives. Former Detective Sergeant and now chairman of LEAP UK Neil Woods explains why it’s time police officers in the UK are trained and equipped to carry Naloxone.

  • “A Tidal Wave of PTSD”–How the War on Drugs Impacts Cops Ordered to Fight It

    No one can claim that Nic Castle isn’t brave.

    “I was tracking one of the major drug dealing gangs in my area,” he begins. “I had good intel, so I stopped them–but then one turned around and stuck a handgun in my face.”

    “I had a split second to react, so I just took out my baton and gave him a good hiding. Then I turned to his mates and said, ‘You come near me, you’ll get the same–don’t ever pull a weapon on me or any copper.’”

  • Drug War Photo-Op Policing Is a Betrayal of Law Enforcement’s Principles

    It’s one of the defining images of modern policing. High-ranking officers lined up at the podium, with the drugs from their latest seizure laid out on the table before them. The cameras click and flash; impressive numbers get thrown around about the supposed “street value” of the dope that’s been seized.

Below Are A Selection Of Some Of The Most Recent Articles Written About Neil Woods

Neil Woods Smart 3.png

Undercover cop who gained trust of three generations of Liverpool gangsters

A former undercover police officer who spent years infiltrating drugs gangs has spoken about what he learned from three generations of Liverpool gangsters.

Neil Woods, 50, spent 14 years undercover trying to bust major drug operations by befriending dangerous criminals.

In his book, Drug Wars, Neil spoke to three men who were involved in Liverpool drug gangs to try and understand how the city's criminal underworld had changed.


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