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A Selection of Video Productions Showcasing Neil and His Experience During His Time As An Undercover Drugs Enforcement Officer

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Undercover Cop Inside Drug Gangs: Neil Woods | True Crime Podcast 52

Undercover Cop Inside Drug Gangs: Neil Woods | True Crime Podcast 52

After risking his life infiltrating gangs, Neil loses faith in the drug war. Please support Neil at: Twitter: LEAP UK on Twitter: LEAP UK on Insta: LEAP USA: Neil's books: Amazon UK: Amazon USA: Penguin: The Stop and Search podcast: Watch more of our ex-cop interviews: More true crime podcasts: Support production of the true crime podcast at: Patreon: PayPal: JustGiving: Merch: Books: Wild Man T-shirts: Shaun's UK tour dates: Website: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Filmed by James Esposito: Sound by Joe Adams Filmed in Spiral Studios: #podcast #truecrime #police #warondrugs
Neil Woods - Undercover Cop Fights Drug War

Neil Woods - Undercover Cop Fights Drug War

Neil infiltrated Drug Gangs as an Undercover Operative in the UK for 14 years. He shares experiences posing as an addict, taking down dealers, & why he's now switched sides in this War on Drugs. He spent 23 years total in the UK police force. He is now the chair for LEAP UK, which stands for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Neil is open about how difficult it was to come to terms with how little good he actually did for his communities by going after these drug kingpins. He is also open about how coming to this realization contributed to his PTSD. Drug addiction is quite clearly a medical and social issue, not a criminal one. We discuss why police should be free to focus on other things, and that by keeping drugs illegal we are actually perpetuating violence, theft, and intimidation in our communities. We also touch on marijuana and the potential for some other psychedelic type of substances to be used for people's benefit, as well as political corruption, fear, and speaking out publicly. There is an overwhelming amount of proof as to why this drug war is a losing battle, but it may take many more people like Neil speaking up before things change. Find him and others like him at LEAP UK: Check out Neil's book Good Cop, Bad War: iTunes: Direct mp3 Download: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:


Below Are A Selection Of Some Of Our Favourite Articles Written By Neil Woods

Below Are A Selection Of Some Of The Most Recent Articles Written About Neil Woods

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Undercover cop who gained trust of three generations of Liverpool gangsters

A former undercover police officer who spent years infiltrating drugs gangs has spoken about what he learned from three generations of Liverpool gangsters.

Neil Woods, 50, spent 14 years undercover trying to bust major drug operations by befriending dangerous criminals.

In his book, Drug Wars, Neil spoke to three men who were involved in Liverpool drug gangs to try and understand how the city's criminal underworld had changed.


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